Alex and Cassie

About the Author

Ruben Elizardo

About the Author

Ruben Elizardo was born in Taft, a small town about eighteen miles out of Corpus Christi, Texas. He met his future wife Angie in Taft and after a year of going steady, they finally decided to get married and had six children. Their third child died about eight hours after birth followed by the eldest, a six-year old, four years after. After all that happened, he moved to Corpus Christi and made his career in sales and in the later years, all his children got married except for one, the youngest.

Ruben and his wife with their youngest daughter then moved to Woodsboro, Texas so his wife could be near to her brother and sisters, however, she passed away in 2011. He retired in the following year and has been living by himself since then.

One night he had a dream. Ruben had never entertained the idea of writing a book but when he had that dream, he decided to write it down, and the story just started flowing from there.